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How We Got Started

In 2021, we set out to establish a Music Entertainment Company with the best funk and R&B talent in the Treasure Coast of Florida.  Resulting in the birth of D Brown Global Entertainment Company, we are driven to create, and our collaborations have included some of the most well-known clients in music, such as Earth Wind & Fire. It’s our all inclusive expertise, creativity, and efficiency that separates us from other entertainers. Our experience allows us to create the best live music experience for your event, from planning to execution, as well as performance. 


"I started Dees Funk Band in 2021 because I felt there was a lack of live music on the Treasure Coast of Florida. There was no funk or R&B on a regular basis. I had musicians around that were willing to be a part of my vision, and I expanded my vision to singers as well.  From there, DBrown Global was born:  to bring live musicians and entertainment together, creating content for others to enjoy - globally!"


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